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Find your Purpose & Create Action Plans to Make your Goals Come True


In this episode we are having a fascinating conversation with Tony D’Urso, a podcaster, author and an entrepreneur who helps millions of people learn from the success of others. Tony’s podcast, the Tony Durso Show, is one of the most successful shows in the podcasting space, pushing 25 million listens. He’s also the author of the Amazon bestseller book, ‘Elite  Entrepreneurs.’ Throughout the episode, we dive into creating a vision for yourself and your business, finding your purpose and action plans to make your goals come true.

Started his career in sales and lead generation.  After working in several positions related to sales and climbing up the corporate ladder, he took a leap of faith to get out of the corporate environment and start his own business venture. We talked about Tony’s fascinating career journey, the events that led him to translation from his corporate job to  a venture of his own, and the challenges that came with it.

At first glance revision for business may seem like something minor but it’s a big contributing factor to the long-term success of any business venture. Tony shares with us his talks on why setting a vision is so important, how a vision is different from goals, and the role a vision plays in defining the trajectory of a business. We further dive into some valuable information on how to create strategies and action plans to build a strong and sustainable business.

Another area we touch on is Tony’s journey as a podcaster and an author. We dive deep into how podcasting became a method to share his wisdom with countless people, some of the strategies to grow a successful podcast. He further explains why only a few podcasts actually gain enough momentum to be successful and how to avoid ‘podfading.’ We also dive deep into his experience as a bestselling author and strategies for upcoming authors to get their message to the right audience. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about Tony’s future plans and the amazing charity work he’s doing.

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[01:00] Getting to Know Tony – We start the conversation with Tony’s career journey, his current work, and some of the experiences and learnings that led to his success.

[07:29] Leaving Corporate Career – What led Tony to get out of the corporate environment to follow a path of his own and how he tackled the challenge of transitioning from the corporate world.

[15:40] Vision – Why the vision is one of the most important for a success of a business venture, how a vision is different from a goal or a purpose, and how a good business strategy contributes to the success of a business venture.

[25:28] 30-60-90 Plan – Tony explains a strategy of short-term planning to bring in an income from any business.

[32:28] Podcast Life – Tony shares with us how he got into the world of podcasting, the learning curve of starting his own podcast, and what contributed to the massive success of Tony’s podcast.

[35:30] Mentorship for Podcasters – Why every podcaster should get a mentor that helps the podcast succeed and how to find a ‘secret mentor.’

[40:20] Becoming an Author – Tony shares with us some of the learnings from writing his bestseller books, including how the norms related to writing books have evolved over the years and his workflow for reviewing and publishing his books.

[43:40] Marketing for Books – What contributed to the success of Tony’s books and some tips and tricks for new authors to make their books successful.

[47:42] Future Plans – Tony shares with us his goals for the next few years and how he uses his podcast and other ventures to help people and communities around him.

[52:16] Advice for Youngsters – Tony shares with us some key pieces of advice for young people to succeed in life and make the world a better place.


Connect with Tony

Website: tonydurso.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tonysdurso

Twitter: twitter.com/TonyDUrso

Tony’s Books:




Mentioned in the Episode

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“If you put your vision map together, you can accomplish what you want in a lot shorter amount of time.”

“Before the events of 2020, Blubbry said 70% of broadcasters would not make it to the next year. And what you need to speed up and get past that curve before it defeats you is get a mentor”

“If we all put more and more shoulders together we can change things.”

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