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Creating Community is the Future of Business Development


Pablo Gonzalez has made a fantastic content creation strategy that allows you to create a community around your business and is very easily repeatable.

📹 Record a session with your current or potential clients / customers with a Q&A session.
✍ Transcribe and highlight the best pieces.
📼 Send to your editing team.
😲 Distribute EVERYWHERE!

Pablo has used this expertise on the human connection to manage a $15M construction business, build various young professional groups for charities, and be named a Latino Leader of the Future by Latino Leaders Magazine and a Top 20 Under 40 for Brickell Magazine.

He’s now a professional speaker and the founder and Chief Executive Connector at Connect With Pablo, a content marketing and community creation agency, proving that community creation is the future of business development.

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When it comes to content repurposing, I have a whole method. It’s exactly what it sounds like… right. It’s a weekly interview call with somebody that is that that can add value to their audience on a zoom call, where their clientele can ask questions and be a part of the whole process. But I’m always thinking, okay, this person, these are the hook points that we want to hit because we want to make this micro content out of it. And then after that, it’s just, you take a long piece. You take a one hour interview, you transcribe it, you highlight the pieces that, that, that you think are the best. You send it to your editing team. You put like a hard hitting hook of three to five seconds of them saying something that is going to make say huh!? And you just distributed all over the place.

You’re listing to the Establishing your Empire show, a podcast that inspires entrepreneurs, creatives, and future business owners to pursue their passions, grow their organizations and build their empire. My name is Daran Herrman and creatively I’m best known for my photography, but business wise my claim to fame is growing a company from 15K per month in online sales to breaking the $1 million a month barrier. And I’m sitting down with interesting people to talk about the process, the lessons they’ve learned and how they have Established their Empires.

All right. I got Pablo Gonzalez here today on the Establishing your Empire podcast. Thank you so much for being here. Why don’t we start off with… you know, could be a simple question, but also a difficult question. Like who is Pablo? Who are you.. How do you define yourself as?

Hey, my name is Pablo Gonzalez (in crazy accent)

You killed my father, prepare to die. I’m just kidding.

I don’t have an accent, but people, people normally hear my name and they don’t, they don’t associate my I dunno the way I speak and whatever. Anyways Pablo for those who I am. First of all, Daran, thank you, man. Thank you very much for having me on here. Like I am somebody at my core that you know, really values attention, man, and to be put on somebody’s stage like this, I don’t take it lightly. I really appreciate it. And really I’m somebody that has been fascinated with human connection. My whole life. I am the most American person in my family. I was born in Venezuela. We moved to the U S when I was two, I entered preschool as the only kid that didn’t speak English. And immediately my first formative, you know, trauma memory is walking into that preschool class and wondering how I’m going to connect with anybody.

And luckily there was one other kid that spoke Spanish there. Jose Garrido became my BFF. And a year later after having learned English, we moved to Spain and I enrolled in a British Academy and thinking that I spoke English and Spanish, I was in for another rude awakening because I did not understand the British dialect or the Spanish from Spain dialect. So again, another formative traumatic memory that made me just very, just see the world as an outsider that is trying to get in and always wondering how I can connect with others. And that has been a constant in my whole life from an early age, when we would fly across the Atlantic from Spain, back to Venezuela or back to Miami to visit family, I would want to sit by myself in the plane and I would try to befriend the person next to me.

So if you can think about 1986, when there’s no inflight entertainment and you roll up to this eight hour flight and there’s some 60 year old, six year old schmuck, just like sitting there, looking up smiling as an adult, you probably think you’re in for the worst day of your life. But what would happen is I would just talk up adults and I would get him to buy me a Toblerone. Or at one point I got someone to buy me this car from one of this fro from one of these online from one of these airplane catalogs.

And and that really shaped me, man. I realized that my ability to connect with people was my way to get what I wanted at a young age. Right. And that, and that that’s a very selfish thought, but it has really shaped my life. And the older I got, right, the more I, the more I’ve progressed through life, I haven’t stopped being fascinated with how I can connect with people and how I connect people to others. I was always the guy that would welcome the new kid and try to make them friends with everybody else, no matter where I was after I moved back to the U S and stuff like that. And the older I got, the more I realized that connecting with people isn’t about how entertaining I am or how, how much I can get my own thing, but how I can serve others.

Right. And these lessons really dawned on me and really my like late twenties, early thirties sounds embarrassing to say it. But at, at that point I realized that that was the ultimate unlock. And I have, well, we’ll get into this. Right. But got really deep into the world of nonprofits and networking and stuff. And, and, and, and realizing that being of service to others and the idea that human beings are happiest when they are in service really has transcended my life and, and led me on this really interesting path that I get to. I don’t know, man, live have fun every day, right? Like I’ve, I’ve, I’ve built a business around my ability to connect with people and, and, and to really be a hype man, right. Like really be somebody that’s just like, because my thing is to be of service of others. I know that I can find what’s great inside of somebody because I’m generally fascinated by everybody that I meet. And then, because I’m a good communicator, I can communicate it to other people. And I find that the more I do that, the more that my life gets better. And the people around me like me more and I attract better people. And that’s the mission of my life is to prove that community creation is the future of business development.

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