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Ivan Kutskir

Ivan Kutskir is the creator of Photopea which is a free online tool for editing graphics, photos, illustrations, PDFs & much more. The coolest part of this advanced image editor is that it simply runs in your browser so there’s nothing to install. It just works and his program was used 120 million times in 2020 and people spend over 45,000 hours in Photopea every single day.

Ivan was born in the Ukraine but now lives in the Czech Republic and during the first four years of development his friends and my family did not even know about Photopea. He spent a lot of time building it without making any money but the project was fun and Ivan enjoyed working on it.

Now, millions around the world use Photopea as their creative medium and has been fully translated into 38 languages. To this day, Ivan still works on Photopea by himself from the same apartment in Prague, on the same $500 laptop.

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