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Benjamin Voiles

By making choices, you’re executing how you want your life to go. And, as we already mentioned, power and choice are related. So it’s kind of like, this is your power to shape your life. And to me, that’s applies to everything. Life is feeling and choice for everybody and for everything. So no matter what’s going on, if you look at it like, okay, in this situation, what am I feeling and what choices are available? And by doing that, if you’re always doing that, you’re kind of maximizing your life. You’re living as much as you can. And you’re creating not just a life where you’re steering here and there you’re steering every instant of every day to create this path. That’s unique for you that you can look back on and be like, that’s my life. I didn’t let someone else dictate it.

I followed what I felt and I made choices for what I wanted it to become. As soon as I got into this ability to like actually feel my emotions that I’ve been suppressing for years. And I’d like fully felt them. It was, it was basically like things going from black and white to color. Like it was just like, Whoa, there’s so much more to this experience than I thought possible. Like I couldn’t even fathom the things that are available to us to feel. And once I did that, I was like, I don’t, I was a mechanical engineer and I was making a 3D. The last thing I was working on was a 3D metal printer. And then before that was a medical device and all this stuff, and they’re all cool things like every single one is a cool project. But as soon as I felt these emotions, I was like, this is my goal. Now help other people have this experience of going from black and white to color with their emotions. And I truly believe it applies to everybody.

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