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Using Knowledge Graphs to Understand COVID-19


On this week’s episode of Establishing Your Empire I host Mayank Kejriwal. Mayank is a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence with a focus on developing high-impact AI technology for addressing important social challenges, such as human trafficking and disaster response. His work has been funded by DARPA and IARPA. Lately, Mayank has been working on building a knowledge graph out of the tens of thousands of papers written about COVID-19 as well as hooking directly into what people are saying via social media to better understand the social and economic effects of this very unique time.

Welcome to the Establishing Your Empire show. A podcast that inspires entrepreneurs, creatives and future business owners to pursue their passions, grow their organizations and build their empire. My name is Daran Herrman and creatively I’m best known for my photography. But business wise my claim to fame is growing a company from $15K per month in online sales to breaking the one million dollar a month barrier. And I’m sitting down with interesting people to talk about their process, the lessons they learned and how they have Established their Empire’s.

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